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The Voice Line

The voice line is a suite of products that provides a simple clean conversational interface to a set of common applications. The product line's primary focus is interacting through speech recognition but includes several other interfaces including: Despite the input method, the unifying characteristic of the product line is commands that control the computer through simple sentences.

Voice Clock
Voice clock is an implementation of a stopwatch/timer/alarm clock. It allows a user to execute time related commands including:

Voice Calculator
Voice calculator performs simple arithmetic calculations. It supports commands including: Media Voice
Media Voice allows you to control your media collection with simple commands inclucing: It is currently compatible with the following players

Voice Web
Distills the functions performed on the web into voice enabled tools. Rather than starting a browser, navigating to the weather page, and entering in you zip code simply say 'Get me the weather at Manassas Virginia' and the computer will do the rest. This application is a continually evolving subscription service. Currently it provides access to the following subject areas:

Coming Soon!

Voice Organizer
Voice Organizer creates appointments, schedules meetings, composes lists, and takes notes. For example:

Voice Entertainment
This module controls your TV/VCR and other electronic equipment with simple voice commands including:

Voice Home
This application allows the computer to control a home's lighting and electrical appliances using a technology called 'X10'. Due to the extensive hardware requirements for X10, this module is intended for the hobbyist/home automation enthusiast. Some sample commands are:

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