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Have you ever been frustrated and overwhelmed by your computer's ability to complicate simple tasks?

The explosion of platforms and applications today that runs on your laptop, your mobile phone, even on your television and car adds to your sense of information overload. Your needs are simple; to lookup information, create a message, setup an alarm or reminder, or solve a simple math equation.

Sonnet delivers an intuitive means of interacting with your information and applications common across all of your devices and ways of communicating. It presents a common view across of all your devices. It combines speech recognition with natural language understanding to determine what you meant to do.

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Sonnet Windows

Sonnet Windows contains just the core modules and functions. The primary method of interaction for all our products is speech recognition. You can start a program, dictate, and control windows using only voice commands.

Sonnet CloudTop Free!

Free for limited time

The Sonnet CloudTop is a interactive web desktop that is integrated with the other Sonnet components. You can access the same functions as the native desktop from anyplace using your web browser.

ClockTime $9.99

Displays an analog or digital clock that responds to clock oriented voice commands such as "remind me at 1:00", "what time is it".

MusicMusic Free!

Controls the operation of your computer's media player using natural speech commands.

-"Calculator"Calculator Free!

Solves simple mathematical equations dictated through speech.

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